Welcome to our lolodidit community!

A great place to have fun, make friends, learn, and grow in your knitting!

Why You Should Join Us

This is a community driven group! FREE to any lolodidit.com customer. Your posts, photos, comments, encouragement, resources, and hearts really matter to everyone here. This is where we share our WIPs, Finished Projects, and Squishy Mail! I also host occasional knit-a-longs like the Weekend Sock Challenge and the Summer Sweater Knit-a-Long! You'll also have access to a calendar of events like shop updates, new colorway releases, knit-a-longs, and more.

In our FREE community membership, it's Lolodidit Yarn Only. But, if you'd like to share ALL of your yarn, fiber, and crafting projects, regardless of brand, you'll want to check out our PLUS Membership (see below).

What's the process to join?

When you request to join, you will be prompted with a series of questions, including your last order number from lolodidit.com - this is a private and safe community, and one of the ways we keep it super awesome and uplifting is making sure it stays that way. No trolls! ;) 

The rules of our community can be summed up by these 4 words: Be nice to everyone!

If your request is denied, it's because there was no order number, or the order number doesn't match the name. Don't be discouraged! Apply again! We would love for you to join us! 

Email [email protected] if you need help. 

Want more?

Our PLUS Membership offers a lot more. You do need to join the Free Community first, to have access to the PLUS Membership.

In the PLUS Members Group, you can post ANY yarn/fiber/craft brand in this group. You are not limited to lolodidit yarn.

- Weekly Zooms + Book Club

- Chatroom

- Coupons

- Exclusive Shopping Section on lolodidit.com

- Exclusive Access to One of a Kind Shop Updates, Sales, or Limited Items

- Knit-a-Longs with Prizes

- Monthly Giveaway

- Monthly Exclusive Colorways

- Random Giveaways in Zooms

- Early Access to YouTube Content

- Polls

- Recipes

- Farm Content + First Access of our Farm to Skein yarn from our flock of Tunis sheep!

- Behind the Scenes

How it all began...

We began as a small group in 2019 and we didn't want to stop the bond we built. We have slowly grown to a thriving community of love; uplifting one another to learn more about knitting, be involved, make friends, and join in! Whether you're chatty or just here to observe, you're welcome here! 

We have knit-a-long going on all the time and zooms at least once a week. This is a community driven group! Based on photos, chatter, and video chats. 

A Big Thanks

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my biggest supporters. The people who joined our small chat group for test knits and all the people who have joined 2019 through today. Without YOU this community would be nothing. I love you all so much and cannot thank you enough for making this community what it is today.